Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stay In or GET OUT???

So I'm REALLY thinking about getting out the Army soon, I swear I change my mind every other day... one of the main reasons I'm against it is that I don't want to have to alter my lifestyle and struggle... or be making it but not having enough excess... the economy hasn't been looking or acting at its best lately.... I have to be able to indulge... to shop and add a little luxury or splurge. At least once a week, something. It's bad, but it's about what I want right now since I'm not married (YET) nor do I have children (YET) Both of which scare me, but anyway... In the meantime I'm working on my money management and also how to get more of it so that if I do go ahead and get out, I'll still be able to do me like the Army has been, and eventually better of course. I just don't have a lot of patience and being that school will take about a rough 10 more years to complete (ya girl is going for her doctorate, it's not a game!!!!) I say to myself, well you can be damn near retired in that same amount of time without having to do anything major... plus you can go back to Germany and have a business on the side!!! I just don't know y'all. Please give me some feedback. Most people are telling me to stay in, but my heart is telling me something different. My mind is on the fence like security (staying in) vs. opportunity (getting out).

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