Monday, October 17, 2011


Can women and men JUST be friends? Or is there always going to be some kind of sexual tension lingering? Because it is truly hard to find a female friend to just hang out with and be cool with, and most of my friends are guys... but they have ALL tried me at some point in time, so... is it possible? Or should i just learn how to enjoy my own company?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Leaving the Army!

I have decided its time to move on from the military.... I have been in for the past 10 years and although I am very afraid to become a civilian again, without the security blanket that the Army has given me, it is time that I step out on my own.

I am trying to decide where I should move... I have it narrowed down to Chicago, Atlanta, DC, Texas or Tampa, FL.....

I think about where I will go and how my life will change for the better or worse , every day... We will see what happens in the future, I have 2.5 years left and I am $AVING as much as I possibly can so that I will have a little nest egg when I make the leap...

Most everyone is telling me to stay in, but the reason I am leaving is because I DO NOT agree with the Army's role in the world... I am going to leave it at that until I am fully free from the Army, but things are definitely not what they seem!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Who Are You Looking For? YOU!

I turned 30 this year and like most other American females, I began to think that my clock is ticking... I've never been married or even been pregnant, ON PURPOSE, but yet I still feel like a failure in a sense.. I have a good career being in the Army, but I HATE HATE HATE what this organization stands for and what I have to deal with everyday, how rude people are and the pointless craziness that I have to endure.... so after looking into my beloved astrology, I learned that my Saturn Return is in full effect, and these feelings are normal, as is my cultural breeding, (having me think this way!) So I am taking a stand and changing my mind... I think that I should get out, move back to the ATl, where I once was and where I had planned on staying, but this time i am going to do it right!!!
Maybe there is a shortage of good black men, but I personally know 2 women who have found love amidst all of the shortage and seem to be quite happy...

I think I am going to go for what is in my heart and align it with what's in my mind.... am ready for new beginnings and I want to live my life for ME. That's why i haven't married or had any kids yet, because I'm still trying to figure out what the hell I am going to do with my own darn self.... so, ... in honor of my German getaway... *toasts w/ Konig Ludwig Weissbier (HELL)* "To Life And Living It To The Fullest!" And in honor of my Italian home until a year from now "Salud!" & "Auguri!"

It's Been Awhile!

....I have been SO busy trying to navigate my career, figure out who I am, travel Europe and finish my degree, that I have not been here to express myself in well over a year.. but it feels good to be back! I have a fresh new outlook on life, I've learned valuable lessons, and because of these things, I feel a lot more alive! I am in love, I am focused, I have narrowed down my new career paths... life is GOOD... My family is well, my health is fabulous, and I am working on my relationship with God.. I wish the same for you & yours!