Sunday, August 3, 2008

Luvin' Up On The Stars....

Hey Y'all... check this link out to give you some guidance on what to do during this NEW MOON in Leo. I am a practicing astrologer who tries to use the magic of the cosmos to navigate this crazy sea of emotions I have inside of me.... it's very necessary, and it was the first thing that made me feel like I wasn't crazy. Even though people say astroglogy is fake and people that "believe" in it are crazy, but I say WHATEVA.....

Everyone pretty much knows their sun sign, but it goes waaay deeper than that, that's why when you read your "horoscope" in the papper or a magazine, it doesn't seem to really apply to you, but if you get your BIRTH CHART done, you'll have a bit more power to start your day with. Trust Me.

At some point this blog will be the site to come to for all the important transits, where I'll have my OWN astrological wisdom to share, but in the meantime:

Hope it does the same for you!!

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