Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Unique Mane

Rosemary Mint Shampoo with Sea Moss, 8 oz.
Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner, 8 oz.
Lisa’s Hair Elixir, 8 oz.
Hair Milk, 4 oz.
Mimosa Hair Honey, 4 oz.

~Carol's Daughter~

Good Stuff.

So, I've decided to grow my hair out... even though I never liked doing my hair, I've always been tender-headed and wished for wash-n-go hair... but now I want to try all kinds of different styles, and actually TAKE CARE of it, (instead of wearing braids forever and then chopping it off and wearing it short, over and over again.)

I've been reading up on how to grow out black hair and using products that are made FUBU, (you know for us, by us) because WE are the only ones blessed with the type of hair that we have, so it only makes sense, right? Right. I believe tha if we pretty much leave our hair alone, it'll grow, in a nutshell. Think about it!!

Now, I have Type 4 Hair. Yeah, its a coarse/curl factor in the 4 stages of hair (1 being super straight like Asians, all the way to our tight curls, 4) and basically pretty much all black people have Type 4, unless you have Indian in yo family, lol.....

Anyway, it's important to CAREFULLY select the products that we use on our hair. We know moisture is a necessity!!! Because many of the creams and lotions are primarily WATER-based, which doesn't do anything but entice our natural curl, right? That's why you don't see too many sistas at the pool!!! So take the time to READ the ingredients, check out how much petroleum jelly and mineral oil is in your product. Because keeping our hair up is expensive, isn't it ladies? I mean, I enjoy the endless creative things we can do with our hair,.. but I'm about saving my money for that new Marc Jacobs bag!!

So since I'm not bold enough to go for that au-naturale look ahora -right now-, (although I have always fancied growing out locks and will probably do so when I get pregnant, I will NOT put a relaxer in my hair!) I want to have a bit of length so that when I become FREE, (as in out of the restrictive military) I can play with color, and all the cool up-do's that I see. I'm not a big weave fan either... maybe a ponytail when I'm stepping out, or a wig with a hat... (basically something I can take off quickly afterwards) other then that I'm wearing my own hair, thank you.

So keep it wrapped up and your hands out of it, y'all. And if you're going through the trial and error of products that just aren't making it happen for you, olive and coconut oil get the job done... and ask for samples, they have them!!! I use coconut oil because not only can you cook with it, but you can use it as a lotion, or a hair dress, AND it smells good!!!

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