Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Locks.. are they "dreadful"?

I hate when people refer to LOCKS as "dreads" or to people who wear them as a "dread head" or simply a "dread." It makes me think about dirty hair and other foul things.... I've always admired females who stepped outside of the relaxer box and went natural.... it's something that I've been thinking a lot about. I'm going to do it, I just don't know when... I want to take pride in what's naturally mine. I don't want to be like everyone else with the weaves going down my back and wishing I had really long hair... I'm happy with what I've been blessed with... not that there's anything wrong with accentuating your beauty (with a weave) because I do the makeup and the fashion, and I've been known to throw a phony pony and rock kinky twists or micros ...I like to get "fly" 2..... but why do I feel hesitant to cut my hair or go natural? Is it because I'm that concerned with what society perceives as beautiful and I want to be in that category? Every girl wants to be pretty, of course, but we make enough sacrifices to try and be beautiful already... so freak all of that. I can save so much money and probably make a positive impression on my sisters and friends. I think locks are beautiful and I've been living in Florida where they're really popular, so it just makes it that much easier to go ahead and do it.... I'll keep you guys posted. If you have locks or love 'em, give me a shout! Til next time!

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