Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm like the million other people that browse thought the gossip blogs wondering what's been happening with my favorite celebrities, good and bad... but WHY do we follow them the way that we do? Aren't our lives fulfilling enough? I have a heck of a schedule as it is.... what with school, being in the military and managing my small business on the side? Not to mention keeping my head on straight from these vultures and haters out here... but yet I can't go too long without going to my fave sites to check out the latest.... yes I do want to see what Rihanna is rocking, and mmh hmm I do want to see ALL the pictures of Amber Rose (she's so hot to me) as well as my girl Ciara (Hey CiCi!) get all up into who's dating who... but I guess it's just our escape... I know I definitely wouldn't mind having the access to the fabulosity that they all enjoy as well, so I daydream and take notes, lol.. Don't play like you don't....Til next time!

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