Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Hello everybody. I am so touched and so inspired and so much in awe of what just happened tonight. My country, the country that once denied my ancestors their civil rights... has made an exception to the rule..

This hole will break open until there are no more holes and everything will be completely together. All playing fields will be level, all things will be balanced. This is perfection..... We have a long way to go, it ain't quite right yet, but this is a definite milestone that I am quite proud to have witnessed.

I spent an hour at work just crying in the bathroom. I had to get myself together.

It's funny I was thinking to myself as I walked back to my desk that I just blew all the flu shot I got earlier out of my nose. Lol. (The nasal spray vaccine)

Anyway, I don't care about that visual you just had of me, lol. I'm just happy to live in a time where things like this can happen. Even as a woman, I am honored as well. I feel proud to be in the military too, I used to keep that on the hush but now it's whatever. Hopefully he'll keep us out of the sandbox so I can go ahead and knock this retirement out!

But y'all, this is SUCH a beautiful thing and I am SO happy and thankful to the most high and appreciative to everyone that went out a voted.

God Bless You all and God Bless America!

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