Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pre-Paid Legal

Do you need assistance with Identity Theft, Legal Representation/Accessibility? Have you prepared your Will? You can have these expert services at your disposal!

If you become a member of Pre-Piad Legal, you can have all of these services and more at yoru disposal. I have been a member for years and decided to upgrade my membership to a business!

I want to share with you why I chose to become an Independent Associate with Pre-Paid Legal.

Months ago, I was a victim of Identity Theft. Due to a popular local grocer's computer system getting compromised, (Sweetbay, all you local Tampanians!!) a lot of people in the area were affected. The grocer sent a letter about it a few weeks later, but by then I thought that everything was okay because I hadn't yet had any incidents of unknown charges. So I stopped shopping there, and requested a new debit card just in case... Well, lo and behold, just ONE WEEK later, there was an $85 Amoco Charge showing in my checking account! (My tank only takes about $45 worth of gas!) So I followed up with that and found that the charge was made on my old card but because the bank account was still the same, it actually went through!

So I decided to take a stand. I am just one of the many who have been affected by Identity Theft and so I chose to the best action was to get myself some coverage.

At the same token, I saw this as a business opportunity to make some extra money. The situation is going to only get worse with Identity Theft, trust me. Pre-Paid Legal was the best way to go, because they cover your identity in every compromisable way, not just your bank account.

I am hoping that people like you will see the security in this, in an economy that has plummeted and will most likely get worse before it gets better.

Please check out my web-site for any further questions or to contact me!


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