Thursday, January 7, 2010

Italy SUCKS!!!!! Or is it just me?

As hard as I try to be positive... getting adjusted to the italian way of life has been QUITE the struggle. As if the daily war of driving on their roads with potholes and wanna be race car drivers was not enough, finding a cool homegirl to shop and travel with, a guy to date that doesn't "belong" to anyone, and trying to dodge getting robbed by the euro rate everywhere you turn, is definitely taking it's toll on ya homegirl!!!!! Not to mention the trash everywhere, odd business hours (they open up when they FEEL like it!) stray dogs running around everywhere and the horrible air!!

I mean, what to do?? I'm not religious, and I have been hitting the gym... I guess in time things will get better... don't really want to get into details, but just know that NAPLES is NOT the move. Don't come here people. Go to ROME if you really want to go to Italy...

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