Friday, February 20, 2009

Thank You God... Just My Thoughts

I'm 27 years old, about to be 28 in April.. and I tell you, I have been waiting to turn this age ever since I heard, around the age of 14 or so that you don't KNOW yourself until you turn 28. I thought I know myself, what the heck, you know as a child we think we know it all.. but as the years went by and the growing pains got worse I realized that wow... I really DON'T know myself as well as I thought I did... there was so much to see and explore I didn't want to put myself in a box or classify myself in anyway.. so I began to pay attention to the CONSISTENCIES in my life.. and from there I saw the light, so to speak.. and I've been able to work on my strengths and weaknesses and figure out what it is that really makes me tick or that I have been suppressing in order to be politically correct or better accepted... but now I'm like FUCK THAT. Lol, I try to be ladylike, but then the tomboy come out, I told yall..... anyway, I'm feeling like y life has just begun and even though it has been HARD AS HELL coming into my own, it's definitely happening for me right around the age of 28... I can remember exactly who I heard it from even though it wasn't by mouth, I read it in an interview with Todd Day of the Milwaukee Bucks at the time.... and it always stuck with me... Well Todd, wherever you are, you are right! And I'm glad I'm finally here because no one knows how much I've struggled with my developments... what I can say though is that I never was a follower, i always marched to the beat of my own drum and made sure that things never got too much out of hand.. I have a good job, I didn't let some knucklehead get me pregnant, I handle my business and my money is right.. I'm educated and always looking to improve myself, enjoying life, and what have you... all of us who look at someone else's life and think the grass is greener... 9 times out of 10 it took hard work to get where they are. Trust Me.... I feel so blessed and so happy today to be in my shoes, I wouldn't trade me to be anyone else. Thanks God.

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